Cutting Information

Boulder Opal Strip

I have been receiving increasing numbers of requests for information regarding the opal cutting tools and techniques that I use.  I can understand that there are many different ways to cut an opal, but not every method can tackle the undulating surface and free-form shape that is a common challenge when cutting boulder opal.

I have undertaken to build an affordable machine that is custom manufactured to cut and grind boulder opal. I will also supply the tooling and information on the techniques that I use in my cutting process to conquer the undulating surfaces on the face of the opal. There are various machines that range from hobby units up to commercial quality machines that can be used in the final sanding and polishing process. I will demonstrate the use of these machines so that you can find a suitable solution for you particular cutting requirements.

The information will be freely available with the intention of contributing to the wider knowledge base regarding cutting this fine gem. In doing so, hopefully there will be a greater number of cutters who will see the possibility of successfully polishing the rough parcels that I am offering.

Feel free to contact me with questions and suggestions regarding cutting. I always welcome your suggestions and will try and help by providing information whenever I can.